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Patents Expire on Popular Acne Treatment Systems...But What Will Big Pharma Say?

at 07:09 AM EST

This new safe and all natural "Miracle Acne Treatment" system is selling out of stores nationwide.

Move over ProActiv, there's a new sheriff in town when it comes to treating your acne and preventing it from coming back.

After years of being charged high prices for brand name acne treatment systems at the pharmacies, people everywhere finally have another option. The patents on these formulas are finally expiring and giving men everywhere the option to buy these products inexpensively online. This development is easing Big Pharma's grasp on the acne treatment market and enabling more people than ever to try these highly effective formulas.

Nadine's personal battle with acne started from the age of 12. She tried everything from supermarket products to antibiotic treatments prescribed by her doctor. Nadine even tried stronger medications with serious side effects, prescribed by her dermatologist.

In the end, she was left with a pile of useless products, a mounting tally of medical expenses and worst of all, severe acne. Nadine knew there had to be a better way to treat her acne problem and so after years of study, research, trialing and testing, she knew she wanted a safe, natural and effective solution.

After going the pharmaceutical route, Nadine finally happened upon a product called Cleargenix. After only a few uses, Nadine's skin completely transformed. She felt like she had new skin. Her acne completely cleared and her skin felt hydrated, soft and smooth. Cleargenix also evened out her skin tone and reduced the oily shine of her skin.

"After suffering acne for nearly 15 years, and finally to be able to see clear skin- it is such an amazing feeling! Cleargenix worked for me like no other acne product could." Nadine Ismiel.

The Cost of using dangerous pharmaceuticals to treat your acne is Expensive

Nobody wants to live with acne that they find ugly. So why do we keep these things on our face and body?

Well, until now most people have thought that harsh chemicals are the only way to get rid of troublesome acne. These products may briefly reduce the appearance of acne, they completely dehydrate the skin, stripping it of it's natural and essencial oils.

These products often leave your skin in worse shape than it was in with acne and leave it suceptible to all of the problems associated with chronically dry skin. Not to mention the effects of rubbing dangerous chemicals into your face daily...

Acne Scarring

And what about the price?

Did you know the average cost for these products and "programs" claiming to clear acne is over $350?!

That's right...

You can spend a small fortune on harmful chemicals that leave your skin dry and don't do that grea of a job of clearing up acne.

Now those who are desperate enough may find all this acceptable...But most of us don't want to suffer through the pain, cost and doctor visits; and unfortunately we just learn to live with our unwanted acne no matter how much it bothers us.

The new "Miracle" Solution

Fortunately, that's no longer the case with Cleargenix™.

In as little as 5 days you can already start to see the amazing results! This safe and painless alternative to traditional treatments lets you take care of your acne by yourself - in the privacy of your own home. PLUS: You'll save hundreds of dollars!

Maybe you've been trying to convince yourself that your acne isn't that big of a deal. As if pretending it isn't there will make it go away. It's understandable because until now, getting rid of acne has been expensive, painful and required a doctor visit. Well not any more, thanks to Cleargenix™

So if ignoring your acne or paying high priced doctors isn't going to work for you, this new, affordable and painless solution is a game-changer.


There is no doctor visits, harsh chemicals or burning sensations... no risk dehydrating your skin leaving it in worse shape than it was with acne. Most importantly, no high price tag. If you are fed up with acne, Cleargenix™ is by far safest and most convenient method to clear it up. It's painless, quick, discreet and by far a much more affordable acne removal option.

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IMPORTANT: During clinical testing it was proven that you must use Cleargenix every day to achieve similar results.

Step 1: USE Cleargenix™ to Clear up acne
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Tohloria Lewis

I've been using this product for 1 week now. Like everyone else, I saw it on TV and thought "no way, I've had acne since I was a kid", but got curious and ordered the 3+2 pack. THIS STUFF WORKS! I was surprised.

Reply. 13 . Like . 12 minutes ago


Tanya Porquez

I heard about this on the news a while back and thought YEAH RIGHT. But then I found out that one of my friends used it and that their acne went right away! ORDERING NOW!

Reply. 6 . Like . 13 minutes ago


Jennifer Jackson Mercer

I missed out on the free trial, but I ordered a supply anyway and it shipped really fast. I've already gone through it and am ordering another because it worked so well. I wish I had heard about these sooner!

Reply. 19 . Like . 25 minutes ago


Kristy Cash

Agreed! I also loved how fast it shipped. I thought I was just lucky though

Reply. Like . 46 minutes ago


Amanda Gibson

OMG my story isn't much different and I'm pretty sure that episode saved my life because I always hated how my acne looked. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

Reply. 3 . Like . 1 hour ago


Julie Keyse

I've been waiting FOR MONTHS for them to offer the discount again. So glad to see it back! I'm on a really tight budget so I definitely couldn't afford to get the prescription stuff - plus with all of the horror stories about scars, I don't want to!

Reply. Like . 2 hours ago


Kent Gibson

Just hearing all of the success stories is good enough for me. I'm going to order the 3+2 package as well. Seems to be the best value anyway.

Reply. 12 . Like . 2 hours ago


Alice Chang

Got mine! Love it!

Reply. 2 . Like . 2 hours ago